Every-man Grind 12/2: My Girlfriend Drove to Friendsgiving So I Could Lock in Two Lineups

In the Every-Man Grind, I detail the daily events that comes with being a regular guy trying to work the daily fantasy grind. Like most of you, I work full-time but still try to dedicate as much time as possible to DFS. I am going to chronicle the ups and downs that come with this balancing act.

Since this is my first post in this series, I wanted to quickly give you all a bit of a background about myself. I’m pretty much your average 26 year-old dude. I work a 9-5 job, play golf in my free time, and watch a ton of sports. The only difference is that I have a passion, bordering on obsession, with daily fantasy sports.

Over the past four years, I’ve managed to rack up some decent winnings – mostly in basketball – but I’m not at the point where I would consider myself a pro by any means. I would consider myself, like most of us, an every-man grinder. You guys know who you are. We wake up and listen to the Morning Grind podcast, Roto-anything is the most popular site in our browser, and our daily newspaper comes mid-day when Notorious’  posts his GrindDown. Okay – it’s an obsession.

If you live this life, I am here to let you know about the daily events that come with my lineups locking. The good, the bad, the I could’ve won $10k if I did (or didn’t) do X, Y, or Z. Alright, let’s get started. Hopefully, without our bosses catching on.

Saturday, December 2nd: My Girlfriend Drove to a Party So I Could Lock in a $1k Winner

Now before I get started here I just want to clearly state that I do NOT win big on most nights. I’ve had some big hits in tournaments but as someone who only puts 1-3 entries in GPPs every night, the results have been mixed. Two or three of me is no match for 150 Chipotleaddicts or Awesemos. Mostly, I am spending hours a day working towards a $60 hit in the NBA Slam. Sigh. But hey – sometimes the every-man gets a little lucky. That was the case last night:

DPR 12.2

Leading up to last night’s contests, I had put in a lot more research than I usually do. Last week, I decided to submit some of my work to FantasyPros and they decided to have me start writing an NBA Value Plays feature on Saturdays.  It had to be submitted by noon so I decided to get to work after line-ups locked on Friday night, much to the dismay of my girlfriend (who really is the best). She responded with a solid two hour nap.

After submitting my article for FantasyPros, I really had a good feel for where I was going to go with my value on Saturday night. It was just a matter of figuring out what studs to mix in with them.

After a solid bowl of Pho for lunch and a trip to ShopRite, I was a man ready to build some lineups – after helping my girlfriend make potatoes for her friend’s annual Friendsgiving party, of course. Since we were leaving around 5:00p, I figured I would have plenty of time to fire up two lineups. I even volunteered to drive.

After mashing some potatoes, I decided to put up a quick podcast breaking down the Saturday slate on my blog for about 4 listeners, all close friends. No problem – except that it was suddenly 4:45p before I knew what happened. I tried to quickly edit the podcast but ended up getting halfway through it before just saying YOLO and posting it without finishing.

Now came the tricky part – how I was going to make 2 lineups in 15 minutes. Yes, I had done all of my research but we all know how delicate of a process lineup building can be. Since my girlfriend is a hero, she agreed to drive my car on the 40 minute trip. It was time to make some big lineup decisions. Quickly, here were my main thoughts:

  • I was paying up for Giannis Antetokounmpo against the Kings and hoping the game didn’t end up blowing out. His match-up was too good to pass up and I couldn’t find a way to build a lineup with him and Lebron. That led me to Giannis and Covington in all of my lineups.
  • Demarcus Cousins was chalk without Anthony Davis in the Pelicans lineup. Yes, Mason Plumlee was a superior value play and I even wrote him up over on FantasyPros but this was a no-brainer. It was time to Boogie.
  • Point guard featured my two favorite values in Jamal Murray and Ish Smith. Even though Smith ended up disappointing, his price tag was so cheap that he opened up the cap for me at other positions.
  • Shooting guard featured my favorite tournament play on the slate – Tyreke Evans. His usage has been through the roof without Conley and the Cavs defense struggles mightily against the guard positions.
  • Trey Lyles was a lock for me at Power Forward. He has been getting a ton of run off the bench recently and the Nuggets were completely short-handed against a poor Lakers defense. He was the one guy that I thought people were going to overlook in this spot.

So, when it was all said and done I really only had two decisions to ponder in the passenger seat of my own Toyota Camry. One, who was my value shooting guard going to be? And two, who was I playing in my top power forward spot now that I couldn’t afford Ben Simmons.

Answer – I landed on two different sets of options and couldn’t decide.

Option 1-

  • JR Smith against the Grizzlies in a match-up where he would have plenty of open looks against a defense that would be trying to stop LeBron James.
  • John Henson was in a great spot against a terrible Kings front court and was likely to get overlooked.

Option 2-

  • E’Twaun Moore as a dirt-cheap option with a bump in usage without Anthony Davis.
  • Tobias Harris playing in a pace up spot on a road back to back with Andre Drummond locked up against Joel Embiid

We were 5 minutes away and I couldn’t decide so I went with option 3 – deposit $33 into my FanDuel account (it was a tough week) and play both. I put my phone away for the night at 5:45, content with what I put together and checked on injury news once or twice before lock.

I usually check my lineups a million times a night but tonight I decided to tone it down. I didn’t want to sweat out my lineups in front of all of my girlfriend’s best friends. It was time to wait it out. Cut to 4 hours later – after some turkey, stuffing, and cornbread it was time to take a quick glance.

Oh. boy.

I had one lineup in the top 15 (Option 1) and another one coming up quick in the top 40 (Option 2) with about 3 minutes left in the Kings and Bucks game. Boogie was struggling early but I wasn’t worried. After a few fist pumps and a look at some of the box scores, I decided to not mess with the mojo. I hid my newly found anxiety and focused on a surprisingly intense game of Jenga but in my head there was one thought – Go, Demarcus Cousins!

After driving home an hour later, this time with me in the drivers seat, I checked my phone one more time. Pelicans and Blazers was final. It was set. I won $1,025 dollars on $99 of entry fees – one of which came on a whim and I had two lineups inside the top 16. Considering that it coincided with the day my first post on FantasyPros was published, it was pretty unbelievable. Around 12:15a, I cracked open a victory beer. What a day. What a night. Maybe, I’ll take Sunday’s slate off.

Here are the two winning lineups. See you guys next time!

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