Is Your Local Meteorologist a Fraud? I Did the Research


You know what’s a played out cliche? Hating on your on weathermen. We’re always quick to jump on these guys (and girls) for being wrong – but you know what isn’t a cliche? Digging in and doing the research to see how wrong these idiots actually might be.

When these guys were out there grinding over their doppler radars and accuweather forecasts last week, I did one better. I took their seven day forecasts and decided to fact check them every single day. To me, if you can’t predict my temperature four days out you’re a nobody.

We should look at a meteorologist giving a forecast like we do with sports. We want stats. Is the weatherman from CBS on a six day temperature prediction streak? Does the weathergirl from NBC have accurate rain predictions over her last five forecasts where there was a 50%+ chance of rain? I would even throw this into a larger conversation about weather gambling. If I knew Lonnie Quinn from CBS was on a heater, I would hammer his predictions.

With all of this in mind, I decided to look at seven cities over seven days from Thursday, January 17th to Wednesday, January 23rd. It’s time that we finally hold big weather accountable. So how wrong (or right) are they? Let’s take a look at the highlights and lowlights.

Closest to Average Temperature, Daily

T1. Morgan Palmer, KIRO Seattle (-0.4 degrees)

morgan palmer_1523036379848.jpg_11296928_ver1.0_640_360

T1. MJ McDermott, FOX Seattle (-0.4 degrees)


T2. Betty Davis, ABC Miami (-0.9 degrees)


T2. Craig Setzer, CBS Miami (-0.9 degrees)


3. Lee Goldberg***, ABC New York (+1.0 degrees)


In our first category, we had a few meteorologists who were able to give us predictions within 1 degree of the weather forecast on a daily basis. If you live in Seattle, you go to Morgan and MJ from your weather from now on. That’s just a fact.

It IS possible that there could have been some collusion with the doppler radar data in Seattle and Miami, as both meteorologists in these cities predicted within the exact degree of accuracy for the week. For now, the throne belongs to Morgan and MJ but there will be a full investigation to review the weather data from KIRO and FOX. If corroborating evidence is found, the sanctions certainly will not be light.

Lee receives an asterick for

Least Accurate Temperature, Daily

  1. Rick Mitchell, NBC Dallas (-6.3 degrees)


2. Ali Turiano, FOX Dallas (-4.7 degrees)


3. Tom Skilling, WGN Chicago (-4.6 degrees)

018-skilling2ctom-100313 (1)

Folks if you’re living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you might not want to tune into the broadcasts of Rick Mitchell. He was 6.3 degrees off on a daily basis over the seven day span. That’s certainly not good. I hate to say it, but based on this showing Rick is somewhat of a replacement level meteorologist at this stage in his career – might have to be designated for assignment. Tough showing.

Worst One Day Performance, Temperature

  1. Brant Miller, NBC Chicago (-15 degrees)


2. Tom Skilling, WGN Chicago (-13 degrees)

018-skilling2ctom-100313 (1)

3. Lonnie Quinn, CBS New York (-11 degrees)


After a bitter cold blasted Chicago and New York throughout the early parts of the week, the meteorologists in these cities didn’t prepare for a mid-week rise in temperature. Only the best of the best can be ready for a vicious swing. While Lonnie Quinn was 11 degrees of the temperature on Wednesday, it’s important to note that the coward Lee Goldberg from ABC New York.

Honorable Mention:

4. Rick Mitchell, NBC Dallas (-9 degrees, B2B days)


Two days in a row!? Richard!


Best Precipitation Call


Worst Precipitation Call


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